Natural methods to improve erection

There are a few ways that you should take into consideration when it comes to having yourself the erection you want. A lot of guys have problems with their erections. There are a few ways that they can use in order to get through problems. You will see that it will be a great idea to chew some tasty foods in order to increase the length of your erection. You should include kegel exercises into your routine. Pelvic exercises will help you with your length. They are perfect for a sexual health. Pelvic exercises will help men increase the bulbocavernosus muscle.

This muscle is responsible for allowing the penis to engorge with blood. Acupuncture is another way to boost the erection. It will be a great treatment for back pain and even for depression. Acupuncture may help a lot and at times will be an alternative therapy that has a lot of other benefits which you should know about. Coffee is another great way to boost your metabolism. Thanks to coffee you will get the blood pumping and it can make you last for a longer time. A cup of coffee will release your fat stores and will give you more energy. Watermelon juice is another way to increase your erection. It will satisfy both of your thirst and hunger.

This juice will also help with your bedroom satisfaction. You will be really happy if you will start drinking it. Another great way to keep up your health is to walk 2 miles a day. You will see that there will be a lot of benefits in this practice. You will reduce the risk of ED and even reverse the current impotence. You shouldn`t be stressed. You should always try ways to reduce tension as much as you can. This will give your sex life a boost and you will like that. Another great way to improve your erection is to stop smoking if you do this. Nicotine will make blood vessels contract. This will hamper blood flow to the penis and will hurt you in the long run. If you take all of these tips into consideration you will see that your sex life will improve a lot. You will have a better sex and you won`t have to deal with any problems. You will certainly be satisfied with your sex life and you will be better at it.

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Literally all my life I’ve been avoinding relationships.
I didn’t want to involve with anyone, I wanted to be free to do what I wanted. I was seeing my friends being involved in serious relationships (assuming you can have those in highschool) and literally I was saying : fuck that. I wasn’t able to understand how someone could tell everything they do to another one. When you wake up, when you eat, where you go, what you do, to whom are you speaking on the phone, stuff like that. It wasn’t my style. I was rejecting every guy that would dare approach me and in my head, no one was good enough (although they weren’t able to show me what’s their deal).

Until I involved myself into a “serious” relationship.
It happened, what was I supposed to do?
Did I want it? –No.
Hypocrisie?–Maybe just a little bit.

Anyway, the thing is that that it happened to come to this moment when I am expressing my point of view about different aspects of life. I was thinking it could be a good idea to lean on paper (electronic paper) some of my thoughts and feelings, in order to “set myself free”. And now I am sitting and writing this nonsense and I suddently realise that in exactly 3h and 25 mins me and my boyfriend are going to celebrate our sixth month anniversary, six months since I am taken so to speak.
A piece of advice: do not fear relationships. I lost a lot of time by doing so.

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Emotions in a relationship

Love is such a beautiful feeling, but it can be so hard sometimes. Relationships have become pretty shallow lately and people don’t appreciate anymore the little things that should bring them joy. Gifts have become something mandatory and if you don’t give her a diamond ring on your two month’s anniversary you cand consider yourself her “ex”. But, there are still some relationship sincere and pure. I think the secret is to be open from the beginning.

I have been having a relationship for six months now and in these sex months I felt what I didn’t feel in 18 years. I felt on my skin what jealousy really is and I saw how it manifests on my boyfriend, I saw what it means to cry for no reasons and then chill because he makes you feel better, I saw what it means to love someone. I have to admit I always said I wouldn’t cry for a guy but I came to a contradiction between the old me and the one that I am today and what I said it can’t be true prove out to be real.

I felt what it means to cry because you are happy and I discovered how beautiful the little things are. Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of flowers but I discovered how the image of your boyfriend standing in front of you with one single rose after a fight can make you shed some tears and forget about everything.

I felt the fear of losing him. We laughed and invented our inside jokes. We cried and yelled at each other. We became closer to each other spiritually and physically and created a routine. We made plans for the future and promised to each other that no matter what, if the relationship won’t exist anymore, we will stay friends.

A blend of emotions felt beside other. That is a relationship.

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About the passion of a relationship

When we talk about the relationship of the couple, we think categorically and to the passion, attention, love. There’s no happiness in a couple if these aspects are missing. Even if it is a topic that many around him or talking about him with a certain retainer, I want to discuss in this article about the passion of a relationship and the way in which it influences the common good of the couple. Because we live in a century in which all things are made very quickly, many of us forget to pay important things considered to be small, but that truly matter. To love and to be loved is a blessing, and who lives these feelings can declare a person happy and fulfilling.

When you start a relationship, it is much too early to think about the influence of the passion in the relationship, but with time, this need for physical affection will occur without a doubt. To know how to satisfy your partner next to you it is essential in a couple, and if you don’t give importance to the things that your partner does love them, definitely you don’t want very much from that person. Passion is maybe the thing that differentiates love from sex, and women put great emphasis on the passion.

As long as you’re passionate and attentive, the woman next to you will be eternally satisfied and happy, and this can be said in the case of men. Even if many of us seem very tough and attracted only by physical contact, are among the new and copies the male more sensitive, who have need of passion.

Those who blame on the way to be when you are reproaches that not are the romantics find their excuse in this statement. Deep In our characters, we all have a little passion that we can use when we really love.

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