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Literally all my life I’ve been avoinding relationships. I didn’t want to involve with anyone, I wanted to be free to do what I wanted. I was seeing my friends being involved in serious relationships (assuming you can have those in highschool) and literally I was saying : fuck that. I wasn’t able to understand […]

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Emotions in a relationship

Love is such a beautiful feeling, but it can be so hard sometimes. Relationships have become pretty shallow lately and people don’t appreciate anymore the little things that should bring them joy. Gifts have become something mandatory and if you don’t give her a diamond ring on your two month’s anniversary you cand consider yourself […]

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About the passion of a relationship

When we talk about the relationship of the couple, we think categorically and to the passion, attention, love. There’s no happiness in a couple if these aspects are missing. Even if it is a topic that many around him or talking about him with a certain retainer, I want to discuss in this article about […]

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