Emotions in a relationship

Emotions in a relationship

Love is such a beautiful feeling, but it can be so hard sometimes. Relationships have become pretty shallow lately and people don’t appreciate anymore the little things that should bring them joy. Gifts have become something mandatory and if you don’t give her a diamond ring on your two month’s anniversary you cand consider yourself her “ex”. But, there are still some relationship sincere and pure. I think the secret is to be open from the beginning.

I have been having a relationship for six months now and in these sex months I felt what I didn’t feel in 18 years. I felt on my skin what jealousy really is and I saw how it manifests on my boyfriend, I saw what it means to cry for no reasons and then chill because he makes you feel better, I saw what it means to love someone. I have to admit I always said I wouldn’t cry for a guy but I came to a contradiction between the old me and the one that I am today and what I said it can’t be true prove out to be real.

I felt what it means to cry because you are happy and I discovered how beautiful the little things are. Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of flowers but I discovered how the image of your boyfriend standing in front of you with one single rose after a fight can make you shed some tears and forget about everything.

I felt the fear of losing him. We laughed and invented our inside jokes. We cried and yelled at each other. We became closer to each other spiritually and physically and created a routine. We made plans for the future and promised to each other that no matter what, if the relationship won’t exist anymore, we will stay friends.

A blend of emotions felt beside other. That is a relationship.